Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What the Wednesday?!?!

Oh. My. Gosh.
How the hell is it already WEDNESDAY?!?!


Needless to say, I forgot to weigh in this morning, which is just as well cause its the TOM and shit gets crazy anyway.

So, I started my new rotation this week and it is uhhhhh-mazing. I am one happy lady!!

Also, I was contacted by a couple medical schools and looks like I should have my away rotations set up for next year --- ahhhhhh! So exciting!!

I didn't workout last night cause I fell asleep on the couch studying and only woke up and moved to the bed when my husband got home around 3am. And I was going to run this evening but I was in the OR for 11 hours straight today and my feet and legs are freaking killing me and it JUST started raining, so I am going to run tomorrow evening. I feel like a lazy bum, but I've been up since 430 and I'm exhausted so I am going to go to bed in about, ohhhhh 30 minutes. 

Anyway, food stuff has been going okay. I've gotten back in the habit of drinking when eating this week because I've been so rushed, which is bad and I'm making it my goal nĂºmero uno to stop that. And I've had some cinnamon bears (I effing love cinnamon bears), but I threw them out so that won't be an issue any more. 

I've packed my lunch and made dinner every day so far this week (ok it's only 3 days, but a girls gotta start somewhere)!!

Almighty, I am off to cuddle my pups and take my sorry butt to bed!!

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  1. Busy lady!

    Mmmmmmmmmm cinnamon bears... :)