Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weigh in & some goals

Start Weight: 318 (BMI 47.1)
Goal Weight: 163 (BMI 24)

Short term goal: 268 (-50 lbs)

Last Week: 282.2
This week: 281.0 (-1.2)

Total Loss: 37 (hallelujah!!)

Since I screwed the pooch on Wednesday, I figured I'd weigh in this morning and see where I am and I am pleased with this week's results :)

I have been so absent because this rotation is time intensive but it is also one of the most amazing things I've ever gotten to be a part of and I am so thankful for that every day!!

I have a countdown app on my phone that keeps me apprised of the awesome things that are going to be happening so I can look forward to them. The one I am the most excited about is my 2 week vacation/start of 4th year which will be happening in 32 days! Wahoo!!!

My hubby and I booked our flights to see my Mom and sister for the 16th and I could just pee my pants, I'm so excited about it!! I haven't seen my sister since CHRISTMAS!!

My coveted couch to marathon training dodnt go very well this week. I skipped a couple days because my legs were just exhausted!! But I made up for that yesterday. My hubby and I walked 6 miles just slow and leisurely but I still got the miles and that's really the most important part... That and getting to spend some time with him!

I am a freaking sugar addict. I am trying to work on cutting it out of my diet but I have such an insatiable sweet tooth that that has been a problem for me! I thi k that that is a big factor in my slowish weight loss because I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth and those are completely empty calories and cause water retention too! Ugh. Self-sabotage much?! (Guilty for sure!!)

So, goals for the next week:
1. Plan meals ahead, prepare them and actually eat them
2. Do my training program stuff
3. Drink at least 1 gallon of water daily
4. Try to cut back on the sugar

I think that's doable! 


  1. Sugar is my downfall. If I cut it out entirely I do well, but the minute I start having just a little treat here and there it's just ridiculous. Ugh!

    Good luck, you have so much fun stuff coming up!

  2. I have issues with sugar too! This weekend was not a good sugar weekend lol. Keep on keepin on though! You will get there!