Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hump Day Hootenanny!

I thought I would make this week my official start to wacky Wednesday weigh ins (cause Sundays just weren't doin it for me). -- I'm trying out the "hump day hootenanny" title -- so far I think I like it :-)

Start Weight: 318 (BMI 47.1)
Goal Weight: 163 (BMI 24)

Last Week: 283.3
This week: 282.2 (-1.1)

Total Loss: 35.8

Whoop whoop! A great start to a new tradition!

So far my food choices today have been good and I'm pretty proud of that.

I did day #3 of my marathon training plan (LOL) -- but that's what it is!!! -- last night and it went super well. I felt great afterwards. It was 28 minutes of walking and 2 minutes of jogging with 10 minute warm up, 5 minute stretch and 5 minute cool down. So 45 minutes of activity and 5 minutes of good stretching after warming up a bit. It was wonderful. It felt so good!!

I am still doing my hot yoga and I absolutely adore it.  I sweat buckets but feel so energized during the class and then come home relaxed. Its the weirdest most awesome thing.

In other news, my 10 mo old puppy is a nut job... he has started acting out big time.  I've enrolled him in obedience classes (something I should have done long ago) and am excited to do that with him. I think he will really enjoy it because he very much likes learning new things. We have put off getting him neutered because my hubby feels bad for him and he is an AKC registered GSD so he was contemplating breeding him but we have decided against that so he will be loosing his nuggets this summer -- wahoo!!

Anyways, I have GOT to go study (have I mentioned how much I hate this rotation?!!?) so that I don't fail this stupid final on Friday -- that would be absolutely miserable.


  1. Nice loss! I'm trying hard NOT to think about marathon training, so I'm glad you're on the ball. :) (Mine is late Oct!)

  2. Great job! I like hump day hootenanny. Great name.