Thursday, February 7, 2013

My version of the running man...

Last night I gave in to the urge to run and went and did it! Okay it was like a very slow run mixed in with some fast walking but I am so damn proud of myself for going and doing it! Wahoo! Today my legs were a little achy but its the kind of achy that feels good -- the kind that reminds you that you kicked ass and burned loads of calories! I love those aches!

In other news, I threw up breakfast today. I think I am starting to have some sort of egg aversion or something. Ugh. Whatever! I was able to handle lunch and dinner just fine so that makes me a very happy girl!

I feel like other things happened today but I can't remember them. I think I am going to do my wii fit for a bit and then finish up some paperwork! OH OH OH - I have this entire weekend off starting at 12 tomorrow. I am going to clean my house and do laundry and take my puppers for a jog (aka slow jog/fast walk) and see how he does with it!


  1. I couldn't eat eggs for the first two or three months after being banded. They got stuck every time. But now I can handle them again. The band is a fickle mistress.

    1. Oh it's so good to hear someone say that!! I thought for sure soft foods would be okay (eggs, cottage cheese) but not so much. I can't wait until I find my sweet spot and all this back and forth is done.