Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hallelujah, Holy Shit!

Today I didn't have coffee and I still threw up my lunch. I had to run out of a lunch meeting to throw up and at that point I decided to hell with it and called the surgeons office to take some of the fluid out!

Best. Decision. Ever.

I am at 4cc now and was able to eat and didn't feel stuck but I feel delightfully full and happy! Also, I swear accessing my port hurt less today than it did before, which is a MAJOR plus!

In other awesome news, the fill was done 7 days ago and according to the doctors scale I am down 7 pounds since then! I'll take that any day! I am excited to weigh in this weekend because I think it will be awesome!

It's kind of a dreary day and for some weird reason I have the urge to tie up my tenny-pumps (what my mom calls her running shoes instead of the usual tennis shoes) and go for a long run... I can only imagine that it will last less than a block but I think I will indulge myself later....

"Believe in yourself and know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."
- Christian D. Larson

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