Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lunch time woes and my massive hair!!

For the past two days I haven't been able to eat lunch. I try a few bites... Get nauseated... Excuse myself to the bathroom... Come back and throw my lunch away.

I started trying to thing what was different about lunch because breakfast and dinner are just fine and I think I solved the issue. I have had coffee (it's such awful coffee Im not sure why I even bother) around 830ish when work lulls for a few minutes. I hadn't had coffee since before I was banded in December so I'm hoping that not drinking coffee tomorrow will take away the issues!! If not, my band must be too damn tight and Im going to have to get it released a bit (strange though because it is only lunch).

Other than that, yesterday was my birthday. I behaved myself food wise. I didn't have any desserts and I had grille shrimp for dinner. I did have a Cosmo though... Whatever, it was my birthday.... And it was awesome!!

Today was freaking gorgeous! I went to the gym after work and just got home as am sitting on the back porch sipping some water and relaxing before I get into the other things I need to get caught up on. It's going to be a long couple of days... I've got a big deadline on Friday morning but I'm trying really hard not to let the stress of that looming over my head get in the way of taking the time to eat right and exercise, which is a big change for me. I always put exercising and eating right on the back burner, but not anymore. I'm making sure that I put myself first every once in a while and I feel a lot better about it :)

Oh I almost forgot, I saw one of my docs the other day and she asked me if anyone had said anything or noticed that I'd lost weight and I told her that everyone just keeps asking me if my hair is different. She laughed and said that she was thinking my hair looked different too! So funny!! I told her nope! That it was just my face shrinking and making my unruly curly hair look even more massive :)

Do you remember the first time someone asked you if you'd lost weight after you were banded?

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