Monday, January 7, 2013

Ahhhh! My Mii is a total chunker!!

So I finally opened up my Wii fit today... My husband insisted that he was going to get one for our family Christmas celebration, which we were supposed to have yesterday but didn't end up having because I was sick. Anyway, he felt bad since I was still sick and didn't go to work today so he let me open it up and I made him make a profile and play some games to see how it would work. He was so offended when his wii age was 39. He said something like just because I don't know how to play your games doesn't mean I'm Wii Old! I laughed so hard!! It was awesome!

Then we got around to making my profile as the movement required was minimal. Well I am proud to say that my Wii Age is 24 (which he was also upset about because my Wii age was younger... I never knew he was so competitive but it was fun!!)! However, when the Wii board weighed me, my Mii turned into a giant chunker!! We laughed so hard and my husband, who weighs all of 140 with a BMI of 19, goes oh Hun, that's just not nice in the midst of laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!! I think a month ago that might have hurt my feelings, but it's not like the assessment is inaccurate, it was just a bit of a shock.

So, my new goal in life is to use my Wii fit every day and to make my Mii less chunky HAHAHAHA!

"She had a lively, playful disposition which delighted in anything ridiculous." - Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

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