Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another one bites the dust!!

Sick days that is...

Same story as yesterday, I woke up so nauseous as hell and I could hardly stand it -- dosed myself with medicine, tried to put myself together as best as possible and went to work. Sat down for our 6am meeting and promptly ran out of the room to throw up (SERIOUSLY?!)! Then I excused myself back to home where I re-dosed my nausea meds and climbed back into bed, cardigan, slacks, pearls, wedges and all. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I sure hope so!!

I'm just so sick of feeling sick! I was nauseated from surgery for longer than most people, which was okay and I was able to manage and JUUUST when that got under control, I got a stupid stomach bug. Good Lord, what is next?! All I want is to get life back to some semblance of normalcy!! Ughhhhh!!

On a positive note, my lunch box is easy to pack in the morning, mostly because its just in the fridge still packed from this morning HAHAHA!

Here's to today being the last day of this blasted stomach bug and getting back to some sense of normalcy!

"She's not hung up on fairy tales
Or some dream at the bottom of a wishin' well
Fancy cars or diamond rings
What she wants most are the little things." - Brooks & Dunn

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