Monday, December 31, 2012

I HATE applesauce!! Oh and my first official weigh in!!!

Omgggggg! I made my first real meal, which I was super excited about (dot judge me but I didn't wake up until around 1015 and then I took a bubble bath wahoo!! So I just got around to making breakfast!!)

Anyway, I made breakfast. 1/8 cup of apple sauce (which is actually 2 tablespoons, in case anyone was wondering!!) plus 1 egg scambled up in some olive oil. Mmm mmmm mmmmmmmm!! Well mmm mm to the eggs, but absolutely NOT to the apple sauce! UGHHH apple sauce is gaaaaa---ruhhhhh-oooosssseeee!!! Thank GOD my wonderful dietitian gave me lots of options cause I wouldn't be surviving on apple sauce! Bleccchhhhh!!

Also, I would like to say that today was my very first weigh in and I am down 25.5 pounds since December 7th wahoo :) oh yeah oh yeah! Doing the happy dance while pouring the apple sauce down the garbage disposal!!

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