Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weigh In

Start Weight: 318 (BMI 47.1)
Goal Weight: 163 (BMI 24)

Short term goal: 268 (-50 lbs)

Last Weigh-In: 280.1
This week: 288.4 (+8.3)

Total Loss: 29.6

I told myself when I stepped on the scale this morning that whatever the weight was was what I had to deal with and that I had had a hiccup but got back to it and there was nothing to feel bad about. It showed 288.4. I was bummed, but that's the reality and that's where I have to go from. 

Yesterday was day #9 in a row at the gym and it was rough!! My legs were so tired, but I pushed through it and I'm proud of that!

On regard to the UP band, OH EM GEE IT'S EFFING AWESOME! It's super lightweight and cute. I forget its there. It had a thing to tell you when you've been idle too long (which happens frequently since all I'm doing every day is studying for boards!!) and that lets me know its time to get up and walk away from it for a bit. It also tells me about my sleep... Which is uber shitty! So that's something I need to work on!!

Here is my info from yesterday 😀

I like the nice colorful little charts!

I forgot to put the up band in the timer mode when I was working out yesterday so I need to remember to do that today!!

Anyway, I will keep you guys updated about it!


  1. This is awesome! I'm really tempted now. :)

  2. New to your blog, but I'm followining on bloglovin' :)I'm headed to my lap band seminar tonight, can't wait. I am really digging the Up band.

  3. You will turn it around! Don't give up. Keep on keepin on!!

  4. That UP band looks pretty cool...I have a Body Media Band and I SWEAR by the feedback...keep up the good work and you will get that scale going in the right direction!!!!