Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'll strut my little tush on the catwalk...

First things first, the resident kept us late last night so the gym was closed when we left. I worked out extra hard today to make up for it and I actually ran 0.4 miles without stopping!! My first goal was to do 0.5 miles and I am getting OH SO CLOSE!!!

Now some the fun stuff!!!

Tomorrow night is the ball...

It sounds more glamorous than it is.

It's not formal... It's more like cocktail attire...

And booze... Lots of the booze...

I'm excited!!

Anyway, to the fun part of the story, I went to the mall to get some shoes to go with a dress I have. Then I got side tracked and decided to try in dresses to make sure I don't like a different one better. I tried on a couple dresses and get this.....

They were all size 18 and they all fit!

You read it!! I'm out of the 20's and into the freaking teens! Whoop whoop!!!

Anyway, I took pictures to commemorate the moment!

My dress is much better! Ill post a picture of myself all gussied up this weekend :)

Here is my fashion show!!! (Please ignore the sports bra and tennis shoes, I went running after shopping and I didn't want to take my shoes off cause the carpet at department stores creeps me out!!)

Oh and there is a pic if my new workout gear too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shorts!!