Thursday, April 18, 2013

Food accountability...

So remember when I said I thought I was making good food decisions?

I lied.

On accident.

I really thought I was.

I decided to log all my food (I have been REALLY lax about logging the food for quite some time, which I'm not particularly proud of but that's neither here nor there). I didn't log any of the little munchy things I picked up around the office or at the house and what I came up with was 1248 calories. My goal is 1300 so I was like well that's not too bad if a day... Then I looked at the nutritional break down of what I ate...




Here's what my breakdown was:
Total Fat: 18g
Carbs: 161g
Protein: 35g

Seriously, H?!

You ate 35g of protein?!

No wonder you feel so freaking hungry!

New OCD in my life = documenting everything I put in my mouth and getting my protein intake to an acceptable level.

The other tidbit in my life --- the water at our house tastes terrible. We put a filter on the line in and everything but it is still gross. So I wasn't drinking nearly enough water. So, I got a refillable thing and have been getting it filled at Whole Foods. It's 3 gallons and that lasts about a week. Which isn't anywhere near enough wager still, but I do drink a glass of water before lunch from the fountain thing in the cafeteria so I get that little bit extra every day.

I can go to fill the water more often, so I just need to drink more water!!!

Tomorrow, I will start keeping much better track of what I'm eating and I will be more accountable.

Note: the goals listed on my fitness pal aren't correct. I try to aim for 70g of protein and 100-110g of Carbs and somewhere around 20g of fat. I don't know how to switch the goals so I just leave then be :)


  1. Good for you Harli! Way to take control! :-)

  2. Yup, it's amazing what really tracking will show you. I'm always reminded how important it is!

  3. Logging my food is so important for me. Especially so I can look back and figure out my weekly average calories per day. But it will totally show how well you are eating. And then it will become habit and you wont have to do it as much! Good job!

  4. those little things add up FAST. Way to take control.

  5. I hate tracking my food/beverage intake...but I TOTALLY need it, or I would just make up nutritional facts for the stuff I eat (and I am way more generous with how many calories I think stuff should have :)

  6. I've been food logging since my pre-op consultation. It's what works for me. But since I've been doing it so long, it's second nature, I hardly have to think about it. It will be worth it!