Saturday, April 20, 2013

Diet Bet and photos

Has anyone heard of dietbet? Cause if not, it's kinda fun!

I got a text from my friend a week or so ago asking if I'd join her diet bet pool. I was like I'm not sure what that is but sure, why not.

Anyway, it's this website and you make a pool of people and you each pay $25. Then you take a starting weight photo of the scale and one with you're whole body standing on the scale and submit it. They review all the photos to make sure people aren't cheating which is kinda cool). And then the goal is to loose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. The people who reach that goal split the amount in the pool.

So this thing I did has 13 people at like $350 in it. It's my goal anyway to lose about 10 pounds per month so it was already in line with my goals!

I don't know that I would do it again but it was kind of a fun novelty type thing so I thought is share it.

Ill let you guys know how much I win!! ;)

On to photos...
I was out with friends last night just chit chatting and enjoying the weather while sipping some water while they had some cocktails (so proud of myself) and one of my friends husbands has never met my husband so he said that he didn't think he existed (my hubby works evenings so he never gets to come out with us).

So I was looking through pictures to prove he existed and I found the pictures from my sisters wedding. It was 2 years ago and I weighed about 295 (my heaviest was 318) and I was just absolutely shocked at the difference from then to now. I showed my husband and be was also shocked.

Also, I've been wanting a monogrammed tanktop (I'm not sure why, but I have been) so I found a shop on etsy and ordered one. I ordered an XXL cause I didn't want to look like a fat man in a little suit and its a little too big but I love it!! I'm as happy as a clam and I love that it's hotttt pink :)

Gonna go run with my hubs tonight. He never runs so it will be fun to run with someone I can keep up with!!

Only 14 days til my 4 miler! I think I'm just gonna speed walk it. We will see how I feel when I get there but I sure as shit can't run the thing!

I'm not sure why I didn't post this her earlier, but when I jog (after a good stretch and warm up), I can get about a half mile and then my calves start getting really tight and I have to stop and spend like 10 minutes stretching then out and the. They hurt like the dickens!! This keeps happening so I'm not sure what the deal is.

Anyone have any clue what might be causing it?!


  1. Cute tank!!!

    You might be running too fast...try slowing down. Or even try running a bit to warm up and then stretching. To be honest, I don't stretch at all and a lot of the literature doesn't really support stretching as being effective...I think it just depends on the person though!

    1. Ha ha ha! Oh the thought of running slower! I will try that though and see if it helps! One of my girlfriends said I might not be hydrated enough, which could be true because I don't drink before I jog because I always have to pee when I do LOL!

      Thanks for the advice, seriously! I will try to slow it down :)

  2. I am noticing a pulling behind my knee. Slow is one thing that Chelle told me too. I think it is great advice and really helps! I do stretch and it does seem to help some. Both before and after. Good Luck!

  3. I joined a dietbet too. Ours was only a $10 buy in but we ended up with more that $3000 in the pool! Can't wait to smash it!

  4. That is such a cute tank! I want a shirt with my initials, but when I lose more weight!