Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Itty bitty fill & crossfit day 2

Today I had a 0.25cc fill. I think I am somewhere around 3ccs total. I am doing only liquids today so for breakfast I had a protein shake and then for lunch, I remembered that there is a Starbucks on the first floor of my Doctor's office building so I went and got a strawberry protein smoothie. Those are awesome!!!!! So glad so many of you have recommended them!

I've had quite a bit of water because I've been super thirsty today and another protein shake. I'm about to cook up some soup for dinner.

I'm planning on doing pretty much the same thing tomorrow as far as food goes, too because that seemed to work pretty okay for today.

As for my crazy dive into crossfit, today's workout was to time myself doing the following:
     21 push ups
     15 Bench Dips
     9 crossfit sit-ups
I didn't think id be able to do it but I cranked up JTs new album ("I can't wait til I get you on the floor good-looking") and got after it!!

I did girl push ups cause lets be honest there's no way in hell I could ever do a real push up today. Good goal for the future but not today. I also did a modified bench dip because again there's no way I could hold all my weight. Anyway I am super happy with it and my heart rate got way up there and it took me 8 minutes! Whoop whoop! Ill take it! :)


  1. I love Starbucks on liquid days! I will have to try one of those!

  2. As long as I got my suit & tie...! <3 JT! Way to go on the crossfit workout!!! I don't think I could do 1 push up! LOL

  3. I had no clue starbucks had protein drinks!!