Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Shake it for the young bucks sittin' in the honky-tonks"

Last night I quite literally shook my ass all over the dance floor! I did line dances, I two-stepped, I shook my hips while sing "I'm gonna pop some tags only got 20 dollars in my pocket" at the top of my lungs - explanation: the club plays an awesome variety of country and pop music (which is awesome!!!). I haven't had so much fun in such a long time! I also have not had shots probably since my undergrad days (liquor is definitely a liquid so I stuck to my 24 hour band restrictions ha ha ha!).

But, want to know what the best part was? The pictures.

Normally I cringe when people want to take pictures. I think in my head "who the hell wants pictures of a fatty mcfats-a-alot?!?" It wasn't really a confidence thing really, it was more like yeah I'm a chunker and I don't want evidence... maybe that is a confidence thing, I don't know but either way, I never wanted pictures of myself.

But last night was surprisingly different, the girls said "pictures!!!" and I thought "bring it on!" And once I finally woke up this morning (I slept in until 8am! WAHOO!) I looked at the pictures online and I am happy with them! My husband even said "wow, look at you!" (he was at work still when I went out and was asleep when I got back home so he hadn't seen me in my going out duds). Such an awesome feeling!!

In other news, I went shopping before going out last night because looking through my closet all I could find was cardigans and various work pants and dresses... It was actually quite depressing!! So I went to Dillards because they are having big-time sales right now, which is ALWAYS awesome, and every article of clothing I tried on fit! I don't know if I just grabbed all the right sizes or if it was just a lucky night, but that was so awesome!!! I bought 4 shirts (size 1X wahoo!!!) a red lace dress (size 20) which I am going to wear to a birthday party at a country club tomorrow and I am SUPER pumped, and I also bought a pair of jeans, size 20!!!! Before the lap band, I was absolutely squeezing my fat into a size 24 jeans and was unable to breathe when I sat down (you've all been there, you know exactly what I'm talking about)!!

Today I am going to take it easy and re-hydrate myself. I am going to do full liquids today and tomorrow too just to try to let the swelling from the fill and unfills go down a little more. Tomorrow is a Sunday Funday weigh in and I am hoping for some good movement on the scale :-)

"You can never be over dressed or over educated" - Oscar Wilde

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  1. We are on the same wavelength with pictures! :) Sounds like a really fun night out!!!