Saturday, January 26, 2013

Makes me wonder...

During an emergency visit to the animal hospital (I guess my dog is as clumsy as I am because I can't see another reason for her to have rammed her face into the fence and cut it... I digress...), I saw two girls, probably 7 years old laughing and playing with the animals. One was one of the doctors daughters and the other was a friend (I think... I could be wrong, but it really doesn't change the story).

Anyway, they ended up by the scale Nd one girl climbed on and the scale said 30 kilos, or something like that. She jumped off and told the other little girl to get on it. The other girl was maybe a little pudgy but not much and definitely still healthy looking but she refused to get on the scale. The first little girl then said she would close her eyes and nobody would know. The second girl still refused.

As I sat there, with my crazy dog and her poor face, listening to the exchange between the girls, my heart wrenched a little bit. I mean what does that say about us? What are we teaching out children?

I think that it especially hard for me because my hubby and I are about a month and a half away from trying to start our own family and my heart breaks for our possible future daughter who will live in a society where 7 year olds are ashamed to get on the scale.

Again, I am so glad I am getting my shit together and working toward a healthier version of myself so I can, hopefully, instill good food choices in my children in the hopes that they never have to go through the awkward moments we've all been through.

"The future destiny of the child is always the work of the mother."
- Napoleon Bonaparte

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