Thursday, January 31, 2013

A tighter band makes for a much fuller me :)

So this morning I was in a big rush (what's new) to get to work so I grabbed some milk and a carnation instant breakfast thing and a yogurt for a couple hours later.

Well it took me over an hour to drink the carnation instant breakfast because I was feeling so full and about 30 minutes ago I opened my yogurt to snack on while I worked on some paperwork and low and behold, it's 30 minutes later and I've eaten maybe a quarter of the yogurt and I am absolutely full. This is awesome!!!!!

I guess I didn't really realize that I had been feeling hungry for the last couple weeks but man I sure was and its so nice to have the surprise of "wow I haven't eaten hardly any of that" as opposed to "holy shit I can't believe I ate all that!!!"

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