Thursday, August 15, 2013

The stairs...

I hate the stairs

They make me hot and sweaty and out of breath

And that is just embarrassing

But I will fear the stairs no more!!

Today I climbed the stairs to the call room from the ICU 3 times. That's 9 flights of stairs per trip.

I always take the stairs down but never go over 3 floors on the way up.

Well I was out if breath and hot but I did it.

And I'm going to keep doing it.

Because it felt good to be able to do it, even if I was hot and sweaty and out of breath.


  1. yay! I too used to avoid the stairs. I would wait for-evah for an elevator, just to avoid any exertion. But lately I make it a point to learn where the stairwells are, and I take them more often.