Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Good Times 😄

This weekend we had my Hubby's 30th birthday party. It was awesome. I cooked and cooked and everybody else ate and ate. It was so great looking around seeing them in their food comas while I was sitting there comfortably full but not over full. What a nice feeling!

Other than that, my best friend is visiting and I've missed her so much, so that is awesome but crappy because I have to study so much too. 

5 says until I take my boards! I took a practice NBME on Saturday and did well enough on it so that relieved a lot of stress.

I absolutely cannot wait until this Saturday and my test are over so I can just move on with my life and not be such a ball of nerves!!!

I took this weekend off from exercising because my muscles needed a break but we are back at it today and will be going 5 days per week and I'm so glad to have a partner in crime!

The scale ticks down a little every day and that makes me excited! In excited to see where I am on Wednesday!


  1. The test will be over before you know it , you are doing so great, and I love that quote :D

  2. You will do great on your boards. I can't imagine how exhausted you are.