Thursday, July 18, 2013

Calories & Up Up and Away (to the chubbs!!)

I've been around 1450 calories every day for the past few weeks. 

It's obnoxious. 

I know my goal is 1200. 

And yet, every frigging day I go over.

In better news. I am still loving my up band. Here are a few screen shots of why I love it.

1) I love that it breaks down the steps and also tells you how many calories you burn. I walked to meet my friends for breakfast this morning (Im super proud of that) and we went to the zoo too so there was lots of walking! And it times and logs your cardio too!

2) not only does it tell you the length of time you slept, it also tells you how well you slept. (Also it lets you get power naps in if you need them he he he)

3) Last but not least, it syncs up with my my fitness pal and actually calculates my calories burned per day and lets me know if I'm sucking it up at burning calories!


  1. Ugh. Not another gadget I *need*. lol. I might convince my husband I need this for my birthday this year!

  2. OMG that thing is thebombdotcom! I'm with Molly, that's going right on my wish list...

  3. I have a band that kinda does what your up band you have to have a subscription or is it just an app on your phone?