Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weigh In & review of goals

Start Weight: 318 (BMI 47.1)
Goal Weight: 163 (BMI 24)

Short term goal: 268 (-50 lbs)

Last Week: 281.0
This week: 280.1 (-0.9)

Total Loss: 37.9 (slow and steady!!)

Lets review my goals:

1. Plan meals ahead, prepare them and actually eat them - NAILED IT!!
2. Do my training program stuff - FAIL
3. Drink at least 1 gallon of water daily - NAILED IT!!
4. Try to cut back on the sugar - ate much less sugary stuff and avoided sugary drinks all together!

It was a pretty good week! Same goals for next week. Maybe I will actually get some workouts in. (I really do walk a lot for work. My pedometer is consistently in the 12,000-13,000 steps at the end of the day so it's not as if I'm sitting all day and then don't exercise or anything, so that makes me feel okay-ish about not getting a ton of exercising in for these weeks until this rotation is over and I can get my shit sorted out again!!)

Also, I got accepted for an away rotation in September. I'm so excited I could just puke!!  

4 more weeks of hell on earth, then vacation, then studying for boards then 4th year rotations start --- aka paradise!!

Oh oh oh and I went to a beer festival with my friends for a birthday celebration (I had a 1 ounce sample or two of my favorite beers and then stuck to the hard lemonade they had) and we took tons of pictures and instead of being like ugggg look at that fatty, I was more like omgggg look how much fun we're having!! What a wonderful change!!

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