Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wearing me down!!

This rotation is wearing on me. Everyone said that this one is supposed to be a vacation but its not.

I'm driving 45 minutes each way every day and still working 7-5.


I don't do a lot during the day either. There is a lot of sitting, which makes everything worse.

And the stuff I've seen... Oh my gosh.

It really sticks with me when I go home.

Anyway, on to better things.

I am happy with my yoga and running/walking routine. I feel so much better after yoga. And every time I go for a walk/jog my time gets faster and faster and that makes me very happy!!

It's really cool to have a goal (the marathon next year) even if it does seem far away. I have something to reach for and that's just really cool!

Anyway, I am going to try to get some studying done.


  1. Love the picture! Some weeks it's more true than others LOL. Hope things get easier with your rotation...

  2. SO TRUE. But here we are on hump day, half way there!