Monday, March 25, 2013

Fruit deficiency... and other updates

So after a super long day of orientation (yawn!!) and finding out that I would be commuting 45 minutes one way every day for my new rotation (insert angry face!!), I spent some time at the free clinic and was humbled as usual.

Volunteering is something I am very passionate about but I hadn't been to the free clinic since November, because I was having trouble juggling my schedule. I am so glad I went. I always learn so much and the patients are wonderful :)

Then I went to Whole Foods for some serious fruit shopping... And I ***may*** have gone a little crazy! (I also got my hubby some gellato, which I will have some of, but he requested it so I obliged!)
I had no idea how hungry I was for fresh fruits! Super excited to dig into these!

In other news, I did hot yoga again yesterday and it was just as amazing as before! I was able to.... DRUMROLL..... Do a frigging back bend. That's right! WHOOP WHOOP! The instructor said we should try so I thought "what the hell?!?!" so I tried. AND I DID IT! (I did cheerleading and gymnastics for YEARS so I was shocked that I could still do one!!)

I did crossfit today. It was crazy! 50 squats, 50 sit ups, a 1.5 mile jog... But I sho'nuff did it!

I've decided that I am going to do yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I'm pretty excited about it!

I am off to bed now. Another day of orientation tomorrow (what a waste of time) after a 45 minute drive (oh joy) then off to stuff bags for the 10K I am organizing this weekend! going to be a LONG and full day -- those are my favorites!


  1. Holy crap lady! Color me impressed! I don't think I could do a backbend if you held me into place. LOL

    All of that fruit looks delicious!!!

  2. No kidding, I think I just now decided to go to Whole Foods after work :)

  3. Update: I totally did go to Whole Foods that night, and I got some delicious mango salsa!

    1. I've never tried their mango salsa but that sounds delicious!!