Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cross Fit, shopping and good food

1. I did my crossfit for Thursday and Friday. I'm pretty sure that means that I did 5 days. And the blog doesn't post weekend workouts so that's awesome because I got Saturday and Sunday off without knowing it!

2. I'm doing hot yoga again tomorrow. I cannot wait. My mom is coming with me so hopefully that will be fun!

3. Last night a big group of us went out and it was so much fun! We danced and laughed and had a little too much to drink and I woke up this morning super parched but so glad I went!

4. I got Kat Von D's new foundation and it is AMAZING! The coverage is awesome and it lasts sooo long! I would recommend it, big time :) also, the liquid eyeliner is awesome!!

5. My girlfriends and I decided we would meet for lunch and then go shopping. We met at this new place. I had a quinoa salad with pear pieces. It was so.fracking.good! I've never had anything quite like it. I wish I could remember exactly what was in it but it was awesome.

6. Shopping. Man I love shopping. I bought some good stuff (purse, wallet, shoes and two little dresses from my niece!) but I hate shopping with a group of people cause we went to J Crew and Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft and I can't wear anything from those stores and it just bums me out a little bit. I had fun helping my friends pick out clothes and stuff like that, but it still bums me out a little bit. I will be able to wear stuff soon so I just focused on the positive as best I could.

7. Thanks for all the support for my final yesterday! I appreciate it so much!!

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  1. Dancing is such awesome fun! And great exercise too!