Thursday, January 10, 2013

It kung-fu kicked my ass!!!

...or perhaps more correctly, I kung fu kicked my own ass! HA!

HOW TRUE IS THIS?!?!?! (makes me feel better about the buckets I sweat!)
Soooooooo, let me start by saying OH.MY.GEEEEEE!!!

Remember how yesterday I was all "Oh my! My Wii Fit is so great... It's all awesome and stuff and I working out and stuff and it was fun..."

WELLLLL, today it hurt to raise my arm up to brush my hair! HA! HA! Every time I turned quick I got that post-workout burn in my back and shoulders.  It was pretty awesome! Maybe this is weird, but I kind of like that a little bit because it reminds you that you worked out hard the day before! Maybe I should take it a little easier on the boxing ones (I think that the boxing and the rhythm kung fu are my faves so far)!

Another small victory for me is that I have been trying very hard to make sure to pack my shakes and lunch for work in the morning so that there is never a question about what I am going to eat.  Its so nice not to have to wonder what I'm doing for dinner or for lunch but to actually have a plan!

Also, I was thinking today and my birthday month is February. I've basically got 3 weeks. My goal is to be down another 10-15 pounds by then (for a total of 40-45 pounds lost). I think I can do it! My Christmas present to myself was the surgery and my birthday present to myself is going to be results.  I think this good decision makes for all the questionable judgement calls I've made (ahem ahem -- undergrad! HA!)

The quote on my mind for today is one of my absolute favorites!

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray." - Rumi

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